Construction & Mining

Arizona's Glass Replacement Experts for Construction & Mining Equipment

Arizona Complete Glass Services specializes glass replacement for construction and mining equipment. We understand the need for rapid response for broken glass replacement. Arizona Complete Glass Services takes necessary steps to minimize equipment downtime. 

Once we receive your job site details, we provide you with an estimate for equipment downtime. Our technicians will arrive with glass and supplies prepared to complete the glass replacement on site and often solve the problem in a single visit. 

Heavy Equipment Glass Replacement

Our heaving equipment glass replacement services include the following:

  • Creating a pattern of the glass
  • Cut and grind glass to achieve a smooth finished product
  • Clean and prepare the equipment and glass for installation
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Removing all old sealant and replace with new sealant
  • Installation of glass to manufactory specs 

Mine Service Program

Our glass shop offers mining sites a service program where we will work directly with the site management to establish and maintain a customized glass inventory for specific pieces of equipment. 

This program allows us to provide prompt service in the event of glass damage, and most importantly minimize equipment down time. Whether a small or large mining operation, we will be able to outfit your site with a service program that meets your specific needs. 

We use AZ Complete Glass on a regular basis. What I like most is the ease of doing business. They get the work done quickly and professionally. If you are in a tight squeeze and need to have your window/glass replaced they are the people that you want to see. I would recommend them to anyone!

- A Google User

Interested in our Mine Service Program?

Please contact Arizona Complete Glass directly for information and service program details specific to your operation.